donderdag, september 02, 2004

Wat wij niet wisten

Prins poes, word wakker. Help!

Ja wat?

Jezes, wat een saai verhaal. Nu wegwezen.

Daar gaan we weer...

En wat kan ik hier aan doen?

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Anoniem zei

Tyrannosaurus Tex and Other Sillysaurs
Robert Byrd:

Deep in the land of the cactus,
One "cowboy" stands out from the rest.
Tyrannosaurus Tex, he's called
At twirling a rope he's the best!
Brontotourist tours the world,
By boat, by train, by car,
But the sights she sees right here at home
Are the craziest ones by far!
The Iguanodontist put on your braces,
Then she says with such good cheer,
"Don't worry about your looks today,
Think how great you'll look next year!"
Steakosaurus grills all day,
There's nothing that he'd rather do,
Burgers or chicken or sizzling steaks,
He's king of the barbecue!
Triceracops roars down the highway,
Searching for speeders to chase,
He zooms in and out of the traffic,
Giving tickets all over the place!
Superstarus rocks and rolls,
he plays the whole night long,
But when her band gets really loud,
She forgets the words to her song!
Love, Lindsey